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We have a variety of grades to suit players of all skills and all ages.

NetSet and Go Grades are fun, safe, social and active programs for girls and boys aged 5 to 10. They give children of all abilities a positive introduction to netball and teaches them the basic skills of the sport. Each week your child will take part in skill based activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches that will help them develop fundamental movement skills, as well as important social skills like team work. Each session will be lead by an accredited coach, using modified equipment.

  • Net Set  is a play-based motor skills program for 5 – 7 year olds. Emphasis is on gaining basic motor skills through games and activities in a fun environment. Open to boys and girls.

  • Go Grade (8-10 years) : This grade is for children to develop an understanding of how to play netball in a non-competitive environment. Children join teams and have a coach, but no scores are kept and the rules are modified and not enforced as strictly. Both boys and girls are welcome. Parental supervision is required.

  • Juniors (11-13 years) : Games played on asphalt with all rules being adhered to. This grade is competitive and will be umpired by learner umpires with direction from mentors. Both boys and girls are welcome in this grade.

  • Intermediate (14-17 years) : Competitive games played with good sportsmanship. This is the perfect age to develop umpire skills. Strong players in this grade, who have played in the grade for at least 1 year and have the approval of the grading committee, may elect to play in the next grade up as well.

  • Open:These games set the standard of our Association, so sportsmanship, organisation and helpfulness are the characteristics we want to see from these players. These teams will need to be prepared to umpire and do duty for the other Open games.

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