Thank you for supporting MNA by stepping up and being a coach. Please ask for any help at all. We are so pleased to have you on board for our kids, we will do what we can to support you.

Please take the time to do a few things for us:
  1. Ensure we have all your contact details and we have registered you (no cost to you) with Netball Queensland.
  2. Always check you have a second adult at training. If no parents there to support you, please do not train. This is a duty of care requirement.
  3. No player is to train wearing jewellery or without netball appropriate clothing, including shoes.
  4. Everyone is to follow the codes of conduct (see forms). This includes treating all with respect.
  5. Please complete the  Beginning and General Principals Course which is an online course. Follow the links from Once you have completed the course, please drop a copy of your certificate to the clubhouse for our records.
  6. To get half your fees back, complete a Foundation Coaching Course. Once you have completed the training we will also give you back the cost of the training.   
  7. Please go online to the Working With Children site and complete your check. Again, can you please provide a copy of your certificate via email to or bring a copy of  it to the clubhouse for our records.
  8. Please report anyone who is not following your directives at training.
Thanks again.
Coaching Co-ordinator.